A Truly Original Invention

Best of the Virtual and the Physical Worlds

The Virtual World Is Powerful

● Screens are becoming ubiquitous, cool interactivity, dynamic storylines, beautiful graphics and timely feedback ... all these features represent irresistible attraction for children

● From 2D to 3D, screens captivate children's attention and take away time spent with parents, peers and teachers;

The Physical World Is Limited

● Traditional toys, under attack by screens, have retained their appeal in many cases, because they are touchable, three-dimensional and real;

● However, how much time could a child remain interested in playing the same toy?

● Moreover, in this day and age, is this the best we can do for our children?

What is Beyond Tablet?

A Screen-Free, General-Purpose, Multi-User, and Tangible Learning Device

Physical Manipulatives

Used on top of an Activity Map; Recognized by Beyond Tablet; Can be used across Activities; Can be activated with using finger touches.

Activity Map

Used on Beyond Table; Recognized by Beyond Tablet; Defines game scenarios and user interface.

Beyond Tablet

Capacitive sensing and object recognition surface; Smart engine for physical manipulatives; LED indicators and audio feedback.

Cloud Services

Tracking children’s interactions with the physical manipulatives, uploading and accumulating such data in the cloud, and offering valuable insight for assessment and individualized learning programs.

Technology Embedded in Beyond Tablet

  • Capacitive sensing and object recognition surface - more powerful than the touch screen of a smart tablet in many aspects

    • •Hundreds of independent touch points (a smart tablet has 11);
    • •Sense intensity of touch at each of the touch points independently (a smart tablet cannot);
    • •Recognize an unlimited number of objects such as cards, blocks and figurines (a smart tablet cannot);
    • •Detect a finger touch upon a detected object (a smart tablet cannot);
  • Additional Functionalities

    • •WIFI connectivity, and automatic system updates and activity data uploads
    • •MIDI sequencing, and ability to turn capacitive touch data into expressive music
    • •Voice recognition and voice commands
    • •Bluetooth for communicating with Beyond Tablet accessories
    • •LED lights that provide visual feedbacks
    • •Audio input and output
    • •Voice recognition integrations (planned)
  • Compatible With Furture Technology

    • Tracking children’s interactions with the physical manipulatives, uploading and accumulating such data in the cloud, and offering valuable insight for assessment and individualized learning programs。

Safe and Environmental-friendly Device

Blue light filter

The 0.04mm film attached to the touchpad is used to filter the blue light at 415~455nm, which will protect eyes of children.

Low exposure to RF radiation

The transmitting power of the NFC antennas adopted in Beyond Tablet is only one tenth of that of WIFI, and the frequency of NFC is only several hundredths of that for WIFI.

The work range for NFC radiators is approximately 10 cm, and thus it has almost no impact on human bodies if it is operated at a minimum distance of 10 cm.

Safety Certification

  • FCC

  • ASTM F963

  • California Proposition 65


  • China Compulsory Certification

  • UN38.3 (for battery safety)

A Truly Original Invention

More Than 60 Utility Patent Applications Filed

Many of them cover critical aspects of human machine interactions based on a tangible game platform and the object sensing and recognition surface embedded in Beyond Tablet (Foundation Inventions: Presence, ID & Proximity; Capacitive Coupling Pattern; Multimodal User Interface; Vertical Applications)

12 Patents Granted

● (China) Regarding recognizing physical objects on an interactive board

● (China) Regarding identifying an object’s ID and location relative to an interactive surface

● (China) Regarding computer programming using physical objects and finger touch gestures

● (China) Regarding playing a music puzzle game

● (China) Regarding detection and control of a moving object

● (US; Japan) Regarding creating a computer program with physical objects, for teaching children the basic concepts of programming

● (US; Japan) Regarding creating digital music with Beyond Tablet using physical objects

● (US; Korea) Regarding creating digital music with rich expressive qualities, with the potential to disrupt the digital musical instrument industry

● (US) Regarding blind spot minimization for object recognition with an RF antenna array

● (US) Regarding managing the state of physical objects

● (US) Regarding recognizing objects placed near sensors

● (US; China) Regarding design of a music board