An Interview with Jay McPhail

Assistant Superintendent of Innovation & Instructional Support Fullerton School District, CA


Screen-free /General-purpose /Multi-user /Tangible


What is Beyond Tablet?

Beyond Tablet is a screen-free, general-purpose, multi-user, and tangible learning device for a variety of learning activities in the classroom and at home, Beyond Tablet is equipped with a capacitive sensing and object recognition surface, upon which children manipulate and program activity maps, cards, blocks, and figurines. Beyond Tablet is designed to encourage person to person interaction among children, teachers and parents.

Technology Inside Beyond Tablet

A capacitive sensing and object recognition surface - more powerful than the touch screen of a smart tablet in many aspects.

A smart and tangible platform - an ideal implementation of educational activities with technology.

A truly original invention - invented from ground up and future-proof.

Award-winning Tablet

At Home→

Enabling children to engage in learning activities in their natural state – playing with physical manipulatives and with each other

←In the Classroom

Enabling interactive curriculum for kids to learn, to construct, and to create